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What is clreol() Function in C++?

The word “clreol” is the short of clear end of line. The clreol function is used to clear a line from the currunt cursor position up to the end of line. It clears all characters from the cursor position, the other text printed on the screen is not cleared. Declaration In C++, the declaration of […]

C++ (Built-in) Library Functions Complete List

In this article, you will find a standard list of C++ header files (with their brief instruction & uses). Each header file have their functions. These functions are called built-in functions of programming language that are used for different kinds of purposes. Before using these functions we should have knowledge about them. So read this […]

C++ exit() Standard Library Function

The exit() function is used to terminate program execution. Normally, terminates process, performing the regular cleanup for terminating programs. After program termination, the control shifts to the operating system environment and performs the following operations at the same time: All open functions with cstdio header file (c streams) are closed (and flushed, if buffered). Objects […]

C++ Polymorphism and Virtual Function

In this article an introduction to C++ Polymorphism and Virtual functions is discussed. Virtual function is a special function which is used for implementing Polymorphism techniques. It means that polymorphism is achieved through the use of virtual function. The polymorphism is the most important feature of object-oriented programming (OOP). With polymorphism, it is possible to […]