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C++ Multilevel Inheritance (With Example Programs)

A class can be derived from another derived class. It is not uncommon that a class is derived from another derived class shown in the figure “Multilevel inheritance”. It’s clear with the above diagram that inmultilevel inheritance there is a concept of relation between grandfather, father and child.The class A serves as a base class […]

What is Multiple Inheritance in C++

In multiple Inheritance, the new class is derived from more than one base calsses. The derived class inheritance all the member functions and data members of the base class. It can also have its own members.Consider the following pictorial form, explaining multiple inheritance between three classes A, B and C respectively. This technique reduce the […]

What is Single Inheritance in C++

When a derived class derives properties from one base class, it is referred to as Single Inheritance. The derived class inherit all data members and member functions of base class. It can also have its own members. In the above image, a new class B is derived from the base class A. The derived class […]

Inheritance in C++ Programming

Inheritance is a mechanism in which one object acquires all the properties and behaviours of the parent object.  Introduction to C++ Inheritance The word “inherit” means to receive. In software inheritance, a new class is written such that it can access or use members of existing class. The new class that can access existing class […]