Difference between Procedural and Non-Procedural Languages

In this article, you will know about Procedural and Non-Procedural programming languages. Actually, these are categories of high-level programming languages. Here you will find explain of Procedural and Non-Procedural Languages with their briefly introduction of some most popular and commonly used languages. So let’s start the topic. What are Procedural Languages Procedural languages are also […]

What is computer programming? Software Files

      In this article, you will know about basic information of computer programming or software engineering. Before this we must know about Computer program (Software). So let’s start. What is Computer program A computer program is a set of instructions or statements (also known as source code) that directs a computer to perform […]

Difference between High-Level and Low-Level Languages

In this article, you will know about the difference between high-level and low-level programming language. Before starting, I would like to briefly describe programming language so that you’ll know better about high level and low level programming languages. What is Programming Language As you know, a language is the way of communication between two persons […]

Steps of Software Development

In software development, there are seven steps or phases that are listed below:- Planning Analysis Design Coding Testing Implementation Maintenance In this article, you will learn or know about the complete explain of general phases in program development. Each step has its own importance so read this article completely to clear the concept about general […]